Thursday, April 1, 2010

Goings On

Well the Spring garden seems to be wrapping things up slowly but surely.

Here's what we reaped from half a square foot of carrots. The other half of the square foot was just as bountiful and the other square feet lived up to the standard.

We didn't freeze any carrots because Jonas promptly ate them. The day we harvested them Jonas ate 8 big carrots and a string cheese for lunch. Lunch of champions.

Why has the chard grown so tall? And stopped making leaves lower down?

Here's why, because it's going to seed. Dun Dun DUN! I'm very sad about this. In mourning even. This trusty little plant (big plant) has fed us almost every day this past year. You just can't beat that.

But fear not, the little chards are coming right along and will be keeping us well stocked in no time.

Potatoes are springing up EVERYWHERE this spring and it is quite inconvenient. This was supposed to be a grow heap for squashes and melons, but squashes and melons are not good companion plants for potatoes and I can't get the dang things to go away, no matter how many times I hack them to the ground. So it will be a grow heap for potatoes and tomatoes instead.

Here are the fava beans. I'm not quite sure what they are doing. They've been making blossoms for about a month, but not a bean in sight. What is that about? They're lucky they're a nitrogen fixer or I'd have pulled them out long ago to make space for a tomato or two.

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NIKOL said...

The carrots are gorgeous! You know hot carrots in Mexican restaurants? I want to learn to make those. Maybe can them? I love spicy carrots.

That chard is the biggest I've ever seen. And I didn't even know you had potatoes in your garden. What type are they? I was thinking about trying some in a container at some point.

I ramble a lot in these comments.