Friday, March 23, 2012

March, You Done Me Wrong.

It's March, My Peeps! Obviously. I probably should have started with, "March is almost over, My Peeps." But that's a little lengthy, I think you'll agree. The last frost date for our homestead is march 3rd-6th. Not so this year. Ho ho, what a tease you are, Spring Time. And by "tease" I mean, "tomato plant killing wretch." Seriously. What gives? 8 of my best starts...down the drain. Also snails have been a problem for the first time ever. When I find them they are all given a quick death by pecking. And I relish it. This is getting a bit dark...

It snowed in the mountains last weekend so we drove like 20 minutes down the freeway and were greatly rewarded. Jonas has been begging to go to the snow for a LOOOOONG time. He was not disappointed.

So, it is hard times in the garden. Hard times indeed. Not in a Charles Dickens/child labor/endless woe sort of way though. More like a nothing is sprouting like it should/frost is killing with reckless abandon/and also there are snails sort of way. Sooo...perspective I guess. But I refuse to plant any more sacrificial offerings to the frost gods...thusly we will be waiting for april.

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NIKOL said...

I lost three of my strongest starts to HEAT just a couple weeks ago. What the heck with that!? And then the cold. Not fair, Nature! The rest of my starts are OK, even the ones in the ground. And my tomatillo is thriving thanks to the mason jar cover you suggested. Kept it safe during the cold snap. Yay!

Quite excited for the garden this year. We're going to try to put in the cukes and green beans this weekend if making jam doesn't take up all my time!