Sunday, June 13, 2010


We got the go ahead for chickens! It's like Christmas morning...if christmas morning include looking at coops online for two hours! YAY!!!


siobhan said...

yay! we have plans for a few kinds of coops... what sort of design are you thinking?

any idea on what breed(s) you want? i know people swear by sticking to all of the same kind, but we're having so much fun with the different breeds. as a bonus, it's easier to tell them apart and the girls love being able to pick out their very own chickens when they're playing with them in the yard. jonas is going to go NUTS for them!

i've kind of turned into the crazy chicken lady, i love ours sososososo much. i came home from my trip to two new ones! i'd loan you our brooder, but it's still in use. :(

NIKOL said...

WOW! That's so exciting!