Monday, March 12, 2012

Doldrums Be Gone

What ho, gentle reader! We have been crazy busy. Two kids. It is quite different, am I right? But hopefully this post will not disappoint. The summer garden is in the works but there will be no pictures of that today because, well, it's just gorgeous black mulchy goodness with seedlings too tiny to make out. The one pretty area of our garden currently is the rainbow chard growing along the perimeter of the chicken run, but two of the chickens escaped yesterday and ate many of the chard plants to bits and sat on the rest, so it'll be needing some time to recover. Those chickens, how they loveth their chard. Our winter garden did not amount to much. The lettuce never took off due to wonky weather, though we did get a fair amount of peas. Nothing to write home about. We spent most of our winter keeping the doldrums at bay with kid activities. There was much enjoying, ya'll. Behold!
We made sidewalk paint. Because we live in Southern California and can do awesome stuff like that in the winter. Conversely our gas prices...they art the highest in the country. So there are tradeoffs to be sure. To make sidewalk paint mix a halfish cup of cornstarch with a halfish cup of water (clearly the measurements are SUPER important) and divide between muffin tin concavities. Add food coloring. This stuff is the business you guys. Seriously.
Don't let the smile fool you, see the red eyes? It's from the screaming, which is how the wee-est one prefers to spend most of her time. She is quite particular. Ferberizing has grossly improved her mood...and thusly my mood.
On a rainy day we made car tracks out of painters tape and built houses and buildings out of every block we own. Twas fun, indeed.
Bubble snakes! There was a week in like...January? Maybe? When we went crazy with bubbles. Bubble snakes are really neat. You Cut off the bottom of a water bottle, attach a washcloth over the opening with a rubber band, dip the bottom in bubble solution and blow into the drinking end. Also, the business, you guys.
Caroline received this sweater for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa. She wore it to church one Sunday and people just couldn't stop laughing at her. But really, can you blame them? Oh the pointy-hattedness! It is too much. Check out the clenched fists and her pissed-as-hale expression. She is not one to tolerate mockery, no matter how adorable.

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NIKOL said...

I haven't ever made sidewalk paint, but I am intrigued!

Caroline is the cutest.