Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tired of everyone elses spring cleaning posts so I will post my own.

Everyone else's cleaning posts had pictures of lemons so mine will also. YAY!

There are some things that the modern world improves upon. Putting fiber into fruit loops is NOT one of these things. Thanks a heap Kelloggs. Also mopping. I bought a steam mop a few months ago because so many of my pals GREATLY ESTEEMED it. They should not have done that. Disappointment. Is there anything better for cleaning a floor than my microfiber cloth and spray bottle full of vinegar...NAY! I just cleaned my floor to within an inch of its life! Some people say, "getting down on your knees to clean the floor? Foolishness!" And to them I say, "Damn, Americans really ARE as lazy as everyone thinks." Seriously people. It takes less time than the steam mop and the results are not to be compared. So, mopping innovations ended at the invention (discovery?) of vinegar. The end. Now Blogging world, please enthrall me something other than cleaning posts! Here are some gratuitous clean inspiring pictures:

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NIKOL said...

I love my steam mop so very, very much. Know why? Not because I think it has superior cleaning ability. Clearly, getting down and scrubbing Cinderella-style is going to yield better results. the reason I love my steam mop is because MY HUSBAND loves the steam mop. As in, he prefers to the the one to do all the mopping. Who am I to deny him? So, somewhat inferior mopping by someone else beats out Cinderella scrubbing by me!